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Carr & Day & Martin- Coat Care Product Review

Carr & Day & Martin's unique new spray formulas
Everyone knows that the key to a good coat starts with good care. When it comes to horses, looking after their coat, hooves, mane and tail is of vital importance to ensure you can have the healthiest, happiest horse possible. Getting your horse or pony to look top quality for an up and coming show can be a long and stressful process, ensuring they look a star both in and out of the ring. Finding a quick and easy solution to getting a well groomed horse is something Carr & Day & Martin have found a solution for. One of the most reputable and oldest companies providing top quality horse care products dating back to 1765, Carr & Day & Martin have produced an innovative and unique new set of products to get your horse in the best condition possible, for the best value.

Constant brushing, pulling and grooming of your horses coat  without the use of products can leave a coat feeling dull and lifeless with a potential for thinning. Using a quality coat spray and mane and tail conditioner is one way to ensure this doesn't happen and your horse can look best in show at all times, whether out competing or simply on the yard.

The two products I have been lucky enough to put to the test are Carr & Day & Martin's Dreamcoat Ultimate Coat Finish© and their Canter Mane and Tail© both in unique spray formula with 360 degree mist action, leaving the ultimate shine and finish to your horse or pony.

Dreamcoat Ultimate Coat Finish© 

The Dreamcoat Ultimate Coat Finish© spray comes in a handy bottle formula in either 600ml or 1 litre sizes. On testing the product on some very different horses with varying coats, the formula gave a naturally shiny finish, leaving no grease or residue. The lack of grease or slipperiness makes it an ideal product to take to shows and can be used on the saddle area, without the worry of having any slipping or marks left on numnahs. Even after using the lotion, plaiting was not a problem as the formula detangled the hair and did not leave it too sticky to work with. The unique dispenser with it's 360 degree 'Equimist' spray made it extremely easy to use at all angles, getting at those tricky places such as areas under the belly and the lower legs. The spray is continuous, making it very simple to use and effective at getting even coverage where required, the spray did not drip when it was stopped or in flow, meaning less waste and uninterrupted coverage whilst spraying.

The spray dried extremely quickly making it a quick and easy solution when you are in a hurry to get your horse or pony looking top notch, without having to wait or use multiple products to get a show quality finish. With a clean and fresh smell, Dreamcoat offered an excellent finish without being too overpowering like many sprays, that can cause irritation to some horses. The spray was also effective as it did not make any scary noises or sounds that would frighten a younger or more green horse who are more sensitive during activities such as grooming. The bottle has a specially designed vacuum at the bottom to ensure no waste and you get the most out of every spray. The overall finish on all the horses tested was extremely pleasing, an easy to use, effective product that gave an effortless result in just minutes. Retailing at around £12.99, this product is certainly value for money, with two sizes available, perfect for having at home on the yard or as a travel solution when heading out to shows.

Canter Mane and Tail©

Another product that is equally as useful at controlling those pesky mane's and tail's is none other than Carr & Day & Martin's popular Canter Mane and Tail , now available in a unique 360 degree spray bottle formula.

This is a product I have used previously and have always been pleased with the results, but the new bottle makes it a top market leader for sleek, tangle free and silky soft mane and tail after every use. The spray is light and does not need to be used liberally as a small amount gives a lot of work, with an effective detangle that gets rid of any knots at the stroke of a brush. This makes grooming quicker, more effective and easier reducing the amount of stress and pressure needed on the horse in order to get out any particularly bad tangles. This reduces any breakages in the hair and left all my horses and ponies, silky smooth in a matter of seconds after spraying as the formula works quickly and does not leave any grease or oil.

The spray is best used on the mane when lighting spraying over the whole section and then using a comb or brush to work through. On the tail, hold the tail away from the horses body and section to get the best results spraying as required, then repeating the procedure above by combing or brushing through.

Retailing at a similar price to Dreamcoat© at around £12.50 in a 600ml measure bottle, this product will leave your horse looking immaculate, without leaving your pockets empty.

So if you want to look best in show, at the yard and at home, without using hundreds of products, Dreamcoat© and Canter Mane and Tail© offer the best of both worlds for a stress free grooming session every time.
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Head in the game- Just Togs Mizz Switch Riding Hat

With my University life coming to a closure, and becoming a recent graduate, the face of my DMU Equestrian Blog site is going to undergo some changes in the near future alternating to GBerrillEquestrian! However, the product reviews and developments through my own equestrian career, as well as following the fabulous work of local riders and the equine community in my home town will remain the same! As I have made the move to go freelance and continue writing, my equestrian pathway is full of lots of exciting new developments to come, these feature some equine product reviews coming soon from some brilliant companies and their brands including;

GBerrillEquestrian's brand new product testing assistant,
the wonderful Image, a 16.2hh, Ex-Eventer, Liver Chestnut
  • Just Togs Mizz Switch Riding Hat 
  • Carr & Day & Martin Horse Treatments
  • Various Fly Veils, to stop the summer pests!
  • Silver Feet Range Hoof Balm

And that isn't all... as I have recently managed to find myself two wonderful horses to school as a result of joining my local Riding for the Disabled Group, after being inspired by all the charity work I got involved with through DMU Equestrian, I will be using the lovely Gelding, Image to help me test to out different schooling techniques and equipment to help you get the most from your horse or pony.
So keep your eyes open and on my blog, and keep reading and sharing, I wouldn't be where I am today without the fantastic University support from DMU Equestrian and hope to continue my equestrian career, embracing DMU Equestrian wherever I go!

So I am ready to launch my own platform through DMU Equestrian, GBerrillEquestrian, I hope you enjoy my latest product review featured below!

Just Togs Mizz Switch Riding Hat Product Review

Although every rider is different, we all compete in different disciplines, school differently and have alternative aims and goals for our riding, one piece of equipment is always on top.... our Riding Hats. Having a good riding hat is vital for every single equestrian, whether a complete novice or British Eventer, we all need to be safe and enjoy riding comfortably with the best gear possible. Riding Hats today are more varied than ever, with the classic Jockey Skull and Peaked Hats being the most popular choice for the everyday rider on the market today. Brands have revolutionised the way equestrian's view hats, making them more stylish and in a variety of colours and shapes to suit everyone out in todays competitive market. As every hat is different, sometimes you cannot always get the brand you like as it may not fit correctly, so hat shopping can be a bit of a nightmare and is, by no means, a five second decision, but one that takes time and expertise to get the best hat, for the best price.

With my own hat due for an upgrade, I had always been a fan of the Classic Jockey Skull, with its versatility as I was able to add colourful silks for cross country and hacking, and the more pristine velvet silk to compete in BD. However, I made the decision to move to a fixed peak, not knowing where to start I went to a few local tack shops and soon found out that some of the more popular brands, such as the Competition Champion Ventair did not fit my head correctly and were not going to be a safe option to choose, with the Charles Owen Ayr8 being the next best choice, but again was retailing at a much higher price than I was looking to pay for general riding at £148.99.

The JTE Mizz Switch Hat, with interchangeable
colour dials, retailing at around £59
After some web research I came across the Just Togs Mizz Switch, advertised as a young rider hat, but coming in a variety of sizes from 52cm-61cm. This hat has the classic fixed peak and ventilated front strip, as well as vents on the back and sides for extra aeration inside the hat whilst riding. It comes in a black velveteen finish, perfect for smart showing and ease when cleaning. This hat meets the highest of safety standards with the BSI Kitemark and is approved by the British Pony Club, as well as being endorsed and featured in Pony Magazine. The unique and fun feature of this hat, is the interchangeable front vent dial, with six colour strips from plain grey and black, to funky pink and shiny blue that are easy to swop around depending on the type of riding you are doing. This custom feature is brilliant for both young and older riders as it allows you to create your own look and match your colour strip to your outfit to look extra coordinated whilst in the saddle. When trying out this hat, the feather lightweight feel was surprising, especially as the hat had a lot of padding and protection inside, including a removable strip you can take out and wash after those more sweaty schooling sessions. The 'cool on' ventilation system allows for a continuous flow of air through the hat whilst riding, aiming to reduce sweating and to do away with any moisture whilst keeping the fabric dry. The adjustable chin strap was easy to alter and the most ingenious and unique feature of this hat in particular is the adjustable size dial on the back. This allows the hat to vary from 3 sizes, the Medium being from a 55cm-57cm, allowing you to get the most secure fit possible by altering the tightness of the dial. As I am between sizes, this was perfect for my head, and the hat was secure without being too tight and was extremely comfortable whilst riding as it did not move around at the front whilst schooling and jumping. The quality, style and durability of this hat is outstanding considering it is extremely reasonably priced, retailing at around £59 on  If you are a young, female rider, looking for a stylish, safe and saving savvy hat, then the Mizz Switch JTE is defiantly worth a try if you are looking for a classic fixed peak at a bargain price with a little something extra...


  • Remember to always go to a professional tack store and hat fitter who has attended a BETA hat fitting course to get measured correctly.
  • Make sure the hat has the safety BSI Kitemark usually found on the inside of the hat as a British Safety Standard mark.
  • If you are unsure about buying online, always go direct to the retailer or reputable online tack shops.
  • Remember, finding the right hat takes time, you are better off waiting and searching, than getting one that doesn't fit properly.
  • NEVER buy second hand, it may look alright from the outside, but the damage on the inside cannot always be seen, you only get one head, being cheap won't pay off.
  • Decide on a style you like and a budget, hats vary from around £20 for very basic, to £200+ for competition hats and more designer brands, be realistic about what you need your hat for.
  • ALWAYS go for a brand that is trusted and reputable, if you aren't sure, don't buy!

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Getting a grip with MacWet© Climatec Sports Gloves

MacWet Climatec Sporting Gloves

The MacWet© Climatec Sporting Gloves
As many equestrians know riding isn’t just about having skill, talent and training hard, in order to succeed in any equine discipline, the right equipment is essential. Whether you are aiming to dazzle in the dressage arena, galloping your way through cross country courses, or simply enjoying the school with your horse or pony, the best and most efficient gear is a necessity for anyone entering the equestrian world. One of the first things a rider will learn from the minute they get onto a horse is how to handle and correctly hold the reins, one of the most important aids every equestrian has to utilise, literally right at their fingertips. Through having many instructors, and competing across various disciplines, one attribute has always remained a constant teaching, which I have aimed to reciprocate in my riding. This is the ability to keep consistent contact, with firm, but soft hands that guide the horse pushing them to come through and work onto the bit in order to get them listening and responsive to the aids. A key aspect to gaining the best contact comes from one of the most useful, and essential pieces of riding equipment… gloves.

Finding the right gloves is a battle many riders have to face, with a huge number of criteria to fulfil. These include the gloves durability, waterproofing, thickness, how well they fit as well as the general overall look and style of the gloves themselves. MacWet© sporting gloves have latched onto this concept and have created gloves that combine all the key elements, deemed essential to a multipurpose, and durable sporting glove. Using the latest technology, MacWet© have developed a glove that can be used in both wet and dry weather, never losing it’s grip or performance, with a range of sizes for a comfortable fit that enhances control and touch sensitivity. Retailing at £29.99 for the Climatec Sporting gloves, the gloves are a reasonably priced addition to any rider looking for a glove for every discipline that adapts to every type of weather. 

Having recently graduated from university, and heading home for summer, my drive to get back into the saddle after competing with De Montfort University and in the BUCS team was higher than ever. I decided to get back into the school and do some hacking to set me off for the season back at my local yard. After some hard training and a rather adventurous hack, I found the MacWet© gloves performance rather different from any gloves I have tried before. The fabric was light and flexible and was great for dressage schooling, as I never got sweaty or irritated hands. Incorporated into my schooling routine, I always like to make time for my true passion, show jumping. The lightweight and comfortable fit of the MacWet© gloves were brilliant at keeping my contact nice and supple, with the size fitting perfectly to allow me to have a supportive gripping glove to ride in. With the weather taking a turn for the better, the sunny country fields were the perfect opportunity to take a well-earned hack. The gloves ability and great feel didn’t alter an inch when I went out, and I even managed a successful gallop in the sunshine.

Overall, I was extremely pleased with the product and would recommend these gloves for anyone, in any equestrian discipline. The sizing allows for a precise measurement that fits, allowing for the best performance possible in any weather. The unique and top performance of these gloves hasn’t gone unnoticed, with top equine celebrities such as Royal beauty Zara Phillips who gripped on with MacWet at the London 2012 Olympics and top international British show jumper, Ben Maher all getting their hands on a pair. With a wide range of sizes, colours and styles, I would suggest that anyone who wants a great glove, for a great price to invest in these smart, stylish and multipurpose MacWet Climatec sporting gloves for an enjoyable equestrian experience.

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MacWet £29.99 Climatec Sporting Gloves

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Glitz, Glamour and Gatsby- 2014 Annual Colours Sports Ball

The end of the year has come around faster than any of our equestrian's could've imagined, with tryouts and varsity seeming like they were just yesterday for our pony pals. The end of the year marks the annual Colours Awards Ball at De Montfort University, where all the sports teams gather together for an evening of ceremonious celebrations to acknowledge the sporting achievements of the year. DMU Equestrian were extremely excited to join the awards and were anticipating an eventful and enticing evening for all, with a hope to follow their success of winning 'Most Charitable Team' last year.

The ceremony was held at The Athena, in Leicester with the iconic 1920's theme of Great Gatsby, as the central basis for the evenings antics, with the interior of the building, and The Athena itself only adding to the feel of the evening ahead. The ball is an opportunity for teams to ditch their usual sporting ensemble of jodhpurs, football boots, netball dresses and swimming costumes, for a more elegant and sophisticated attire, with bow ties and ball gowns all round. The event is open to all members of the sporting teams, from weekly social members, to the BUCS league team competitors and is a chance for all the teams to get together and commemorate the individual and joint achievements of sport at De Montfort University for the academic year. The event was also a place that reunited some of DMU Equestrian's old girls who came back from their busy working lives on placement years to join the evening back with the girls from the club.

This year saw the biggest turnout ever for DMU Equestrian, with 3 tables filled with the fabulous ladies of the society, all dressed to impress and hoping for some successful awards from the evening. Unfortunately, the high level of competition and fantastic achievements from some of the other teams, meant the opportunity to follow on from last years successful streak was not meant to be for our dedicated equestrians. However, the girls had much to celebrate as they watched some of their other sporting teams gain some brilliant awards, with their very own celebrated DMU Hockey gaining their chairman, Matt Wooden 'Sports Personality of the Year', a supportive affiliate to the equestrian girls and committee from day one this year.

One of the winners of the evening
Zosia Grzywinska
The teams were allowed to nominate entries into the awards via an online ballot system, and also choose two members to gain an individual acknowledgment within their society. The awards for 'Outstanding Achievement' and 'Dedication and Commitment' in Equestrian went to Zosia Grzywinska and committee member, Charlotte Scott. Both have worked hard all year to achieve their own personal sporting goals, with dedication, both to the sport and to training. First year student, Zosia, has grown in leaps and bounds, and has gone from getting back into riding, to competing in her first ever show jumping competition on Witham Villa's Charm and gaining a 1st team place ribbon! A true example of how the club will support you, no matter what your ability is to achieve your own milestones. Charlotte Scott, member of the society for two years, gained her award due to her impressive display at this year's varsity match against Leicester University as she stepped up to the challenge of competing for the first time in a BUCS style match.

Despite not gaining an award for the club, the improvement of the society and their impact on the profile of equestrian sport at De Montfort can only be reflected in the brilliant turnout and fantastic achievements the girls have gained throughout the year. The lack of an award for 2013/2014 has only sought to drive next year's committee for success next year and they hope to gain more members, more rosettes and ultimately offer people joining the university the opportunity to try something unique and join their sporting family. With the society growing and developing more and more every year, the club hope to continue sharing their experience and keep the high level of motivation and dedication to sporting performance as high as they can at DMU.

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DMU Equestrian Team and Society 2013/2014

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Sport and social media: The evolution for Equestrian activity?

In modern society today, social media has become one of the biggest influences on our daily lives and the way news in particular is spread, with the speed of the online world creating an instant platform for almost everything, with the added bonus (for the most part) of being completely free! Facebook is one of the most influential of these platforms with over 31 millions users worldwide with Twitter catching up with over 10 million users, 80% of which are actively engaging with the media via mobile devices. These statistics highlight how media is not only global, but instant and accessible almost everywhere, so utilising the online world is something every business should be taking full advantage of, as the online age never sleeps.

This is something that DMU Equestrian have sought to work on this year, engaging more actively with their participants via social media in order to keep everyone in the club updated, as well as the rest of the world about what goes on behind the scenes in equine university life. The online world is not the only accessible platform that DMU Equestrian have taken advantage of, at De Montfort University they are extremely lucky to have one of the best student newspapers, radio and TV department working for them as the Demon Media Strand. Demon Media have become an integral part of promoting and engaging with sport at the university and have aimed to focus on smaller teams and develop the social awareness through all platforms about the work that goes on in all De Montfort sports clubs. The team have worked with the budding equestrians all year to find out what really goes on in the equine world and what it takes to compete in one of our BUCS teams or simply get involved with the society. The engagement of social media platforms for equestrian activity is something that is evolving and getting bigger and better every year with Twitter, Facebook and blogging sites being amongst the most popular forms of social media. The Equestrian Social Media Awards have allowed this recognition to be acknowledged with anyone able to enter the awards and showcase their talent from blogging to Twitter usage by both amateur and professional horsemen and women. The judging panel consists of some of the leading professionals in the equestrian world from photographers right through to top class event riders who look at all the positive aspects the social media is promoting and creating for equestrian activity on a global scale.

The 2012 Olympics allowed a new audience to be introduced to the world of equine sport with Great Britain winning a total of 5 medals including the world including winning gold in both team jumping and dressage. The accessibility that the Olympics gave for people to come and witness the different disciplines from 3 day event to grand prix Paralympic dressage has moved Britain into the top rankings for equestrian sport worldwide. No longer the underdogs, British equestrian sport is at the height of success and the recent world record achievement by Charlotte Dujardin at Olympia has drove Britain to be one of the biggest threats and competitors in the world of all things equine. The 'celeb culture' has enabled smaller equine platforms to get the recognition they deserve and promote the sport and businesses that engage with equestrian mediums.

So how is social media helping university lead sport? The recent increase in Twitter profiling and the page status on Facebook has allowed university teams to expand their communication with other sports teams, universities both in and outside their own sport. This has created a level of support and activity that is positively promoting both BUCS competitive sports teams and friendly matches that go on with universities collaborating together to get more students involved in sport at their university.

Lizzie Mole, a first year student at De Montfort who has ridden on the B team for DMU Equestrian has witnessed first hand the influence that social media can have upon the promotion of sports teams and societies:

"Social media has really helped get our team heard about within the university, especially from our DMU Equestrian Twitter! More attention and support from the sports office and student union has allowed us to get a place in the Varsity 2014 promo video on YouTube which means even more promotion, which is crucial for a sports team that isn't as recognised or popular like Rugby or Football."

The team have not only worked with The Demon all year engaging with the online, newspaper, Demon TV and the famous Demon FM, but they have also expanded to work with local photographers and other students to get the most out of both the sport and the talent DMU has to offer. Zoe Walker, a third year student at the university has worked closely with the team and committee all year with the equestrian club being a primary influence for her final project. As a keen horse rider herself, Zoe knows the struggles and prejudices that equine sport can face but also the importance of involving more students in trying something new whilst at university. This acts as an example of how social media can be a mutual benefit to both sports teams and the people involved as well as other students who may just want the opportunity, like Zoe to photograph and profile something unique for free. 

"As one of the photographers for DMU Equestrian I have had my work seen by people who I would not have normally reached, the social media platforms also give me a chance to catch up on how the teams and society are progressing when I cannot make competitions or social events. I feel without the social media aspect of the club some of the members would feel a little out of the loop, so this accessibility to information helps keep everyone involved."

The profile of equestrian sport at De Montfort is better than ever with social media raising awareness and the standard of information and promotion of activity higher than ever before. The student population across all DMU sports clubs is enough to create a huge impact upon the recognition of smaller teams as much as bigger, more widely participated in sports. With the Vice Chancellor of the university being one of the most active Twitter uses at the university, the ideal scenario is set up and waiting for everyone to get out there and show off their sports team. Social media is free and accessible to millions with an endless capacity for good opportunities for all sports to take advantage of in order to make DMU a hash tag we all recognise on a global scale. 

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2014 Varsity Squad with Ross Harrison and Ian Warrington DSU President
Acknowledgements to Fletch Photography
After months of training, trials and trotting the day had finally come for the biggest match of the year for De Montfort Equestrian team, where they were to face their ultimate rivals, the University of Leicester. The battle was to take place away from De Montfort's home turf, and at Leicester's nominated training yard, South Leicestershire Riding Establishment just a few miles down the road from DMU's beloved Witham Villa Riding Centre. With the home advantage stripped away, DMU were more determined than ever to train in preparation for the Varsity match, with the last few weeks forming a basis of some intense pre-Varsity hard work. This included pilates sessions, with resident physiotherapist, Sara Smith, who taught the girls how to improve their balance and co-ordination on the ground in order to benefit their riding position when on a horse. The girls also took part in various levels of competition including the final BUCS fixture for the A team who competed at Nottingham Trent, as well as the recent friendly match that took place on home soil with both BUCS style dressage and show jumping tests judged by yard proprietor Verity Saul. The Varsity match is ran in the same style as BUCS with an independent judge for both phases and both A and B team compete as a whole unit so every single rider counts!

The 19th of March saw a very early start for our DMU team who travelled to Leicester's training yard together to compete, with the dressage phase commencing first in the morning. Varsity is ran slightly differently to an ordinary BUCS match as the rider's are allowed to choose who sits on which horse for both stages after them being shown, rather than drawing at random. A lovely selection of horses were given who were all willing to work for both Leicester and DMU. A classy and much improved performance was shown by De Montfort who rode exceptionally well through the dressage test, with some brilliant scores on the board at the end. Leicester however, stole the lead after the first stage of the competition and it was down to De Montfort to steal back a win in the final stage of the Varsity match, the all important, adrenaline filled show jumping round!

With some solid jumpers on both A and B team, DMU were ready to take back their Varsity title by giving it their all across the course. The jumps included stiles, doubles and spreads with some tight lines and plenty of fillers to set the standard high for both universities. The jump horses were varied from 26 year old ex-eventers to the pony of the day, Monty, who has competed in Fox hunters and BSJA classes, a favourite by the end for our very own Irish lady, Gemma Elliott. The display from both teams was one that was not to be missed, with De Montfort gaining plenty of clear rounds and successful scores across both A and B team. Every member of the teams finished the day on a high with plenty of supporters coming out in their DMU Equestrian kit to watch the girls perform on the day. A special thank you has to go to Ross Harrsion who works within the DMU sports office who came and watched both the dressage and show jumping, and really embraced the equine world alongside Ian Warrington, President of DSU who came to watch the show jump phase.

Sadly though, UoL managed to scrape the red ribbons taking an overall Varsity win for Leicester. DMU however, didn't lose their team spirit and finished the day with a smile and a successful 3rd individual placing for Georgia Aston of the A team and Charlotte Scott taking 8th for B team.

Charlotte Scott has never ridden on the team before and Varsity was her first major competition and she is an example of the improvement consistent riding can give.

"It was such a fantastic day, and above everything I'm so proud of how far personally I have come and everyone else competing this year. The improvement all round is amazing despite not gaining a win. A year and a half ago I hadn't ridden for a few years and I never imagined I would be competing in Varsity let alone being placed 8th so it just goes to show how much my personal training has paid off. This will be a massive highlight for me to take with me after leaving university."

The loss of this years Varsity does not reflect the hard work and dedication that has been shown by all the DMU Equestrian team rider's who have been training every week, alongside competing and completing various gym and pilates classes to improve every aspect of their riding capabilities. The 2013/2014 committee all competed and were extremely proud of every single member who took part and the efforts made by everyone who came and supported as well as our very own Demon TV who came and filmed for the day. It was safe to say Leicester took the win, but it was definitely a DMU day through and through whose supporting crowd outnumbered UoL even on their own home turf.

Varsity marks the end of the competitive season for DMU Equestrian who have worked harder than ever this year with some brilliant individual results and team scores, as well as extra BUCS points for the A team. A huge thank you to everyone who has took part in the teams, committee, fun days and supported us on our journey this year including Zoe Walker and Keith Fletcher who have taken various photos and videos for us. It is now safe to say Equestrian sport at DMU is here to stay, and a huge part of this is the support from DSU and all the staff who work to make us a better club and BUCS team. A final thank you to Vice Chancellor of the university Dominic Shellard, who has actively engaged with our club and given us the support and motivation required to get DMU sport performance levels higher and more successful.

Jenny Walker, Chairperson for the club was able to see all the hard work put into practice with the DMU display at Varsity.

"Despite the loss of the home advantage, both A and B team excelled expectations and rode to a higher standard than we have ever seen. Everyone arrived and left with a smile on their face and I am immensely proud of each and every rider. The hard work and dedication put in over the last few weeks in training really showed and the huge improvement that a final push in the last few weeks can have. DMU Equestrian has some promising young riders for the future of BUCS and Varsity!"


Gemma Elliott

Georgia Aston

Clare Wilyman

Jenny Walker

Gabbi Berrill

Charlotte Scott
Helen Whittle

Lizzie Mole

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

BUCS A team final cup match (Preparing for Varsity 2014)

After a successful year competing in the BUCS league, De Montfort A team were to ride in their last ever BUCS cup match of the season at Nottingham Trent University. The team have been competing solidly all year together and training every week in both dressage and show jumping disciplines with yard proprietor and dressage coach, Verity Saul of Witham Villa who has been getting them all into shape for the up and coming Varsity match against Leicester University. The final cup match was the last chance for the girls to have a go at riding the BUCS competition style before Varsity so the pressure was on to ensure a top performance from all riders.

Gemma Elliott A team rider (2nd year)
The standard of riding in this years A team league is higher than ever, with Sheffield, Nottingham, Nottingham Trent and De Montfort all aiming to secure, not just team wins, but individual placings which all contribute towards BUCS league points.

The team rode extremely well with lots of high scores for both dressage and show jumping with a wide variety of very challenging horses used for the day in order to test the riders to the absolute max. The fences were set at 90cm with a demanding show jumping course layout to ensure the competition bar was raised for the closing of the BUCS league. With a brilliant display shown by De Montfort the surprise of the day came from new rider, Georgia Aston who was placed 7th overall for the day, a fantastic personal achievement and result for the club. Georgia was extremely pleased with the result and feels her riding has really benefited from being a part of the University club.

"As the only fresher rider on the A team this year, I initially felt a little apprehensive about the challenging format of the BUCS competitions. However, I was supported every step of the way by my team and my riding has gone from strength the strength. Gaining an individual placing in our final league competition is something I would never have thought I'd have achieved at the start of the year, which goes to show that hard work and commitment really does pay off! Joining a team is the best thing I could have done as a first year, as well as achieving personal sporting goals, I have joined a network of wonderful people along the way which has made the transition to university life and enjoyable one."

Georgia Aston A team rider (1st year)

The BUCS league competitions are aimed at a wide variety of riders; those who have not competed who get the opportunity to join a team and experience the competitive world, rider's who want to challenge their skills further and achieve goals on a variety of horses and for those who may have lost confidence who want to get back into competing the BUCS matches are a fantastic way to experience a totally new world of equine competition.

Jenny Walker, Chair of the club is in her final year of riding for the equestrian team and has been a part of developing and expanding upon the positive work that has been put in place by every committee and team rider.

"Riding in BUCS has been the best experience throughout my time at De Montfort University. I have been fortunate enough to ride as part of the A team for three whole years and have loved every second of it! It has brought up many challenges for me, including competing against some of the best riders in the country, but I feel it has improved my versatility as a rider and given me a lot more confidence. The best part about it has to be the fact it is competed as a team, as generally in the equestrian world we are always competing individually. Having those three other riders by your side to praise and also push you is what makes BUCS a thoroughly enjoyable experience and I am extremely pleased to be a part of the rising success and journey to get equestrian sport bigger and better."

Jenny Walker A team captain (3rd year)

Both A and B team have been training very hard the last few weeks, not just in the saddle but also by par taking in local Pilates sessions ran by Physiotherapist, Sara Smith, that are especially designed for equine activity to improve balance, co-ordination and position whilst riding. The date has been set for 19th of March when both teams will head to Leicester University's yard in South Leicestershire to compete in the biggest match of the year. The B team and some intermediates will be setting off to compete at Sutton Bonnington Riding Club on Wednesday 12th of March to take part in some friendly show jumping all part of the preparations for Varsity 2014!

A final well done to De Montfort A team on their successful year competing and all the B team rider's for keeping up all their hard work training, which will hopefully see them return to campus with some red Varsity ribbons next week...

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Clare Wilyman A team rider (2nd year)