Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Captain's Log

A crucial aspect of being involved with BUCS Equestrian matches is the importance of organising home competitions which take place at Witham Villa Riding Centre, DMU Equestrian's nominated training yard. The role of sorting out these home competitions and fixtures lies with the team Captain and it is their primary job to ensure matches run smoothly and they support not just their own team, but the guest teams to the yard. Captain job roles include; sorting score sheets, ordering rosettes, catering for the other teams and finding an appropriate listed judge to score for the day.

DMU Equestrian are very lucky to have three full teams competing in BUCS and friendly matches this year along with three new Captains all raring to get out and start the season! Becky Shraga, Captain of the BUCS B Team this year is preparing for the start of her team's training, with their home competition just around the corner. Have a listen to her interview in the video link below to find out what DMU Equestrian have been up to and more about competing in the BUCS league.

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