Sunday, 10 November 2013

Horse Care Day 2013

As many avid Equestrian's will already appreciate, owning your own horse is no easy task, however rewarding it may be. On Thursday 7th of November 8 of DMU Equestrian's newest members and beginner rider's travelled up to yard for an alternative experience for a day of horse care and stable management. At DMU Equestrian the focus isn't just on riding, but also on the care and management of the horses and ponies we ride, with a lot to learn the day was to be a first for some who came with no prior knowledge of horse care at all!

Sarah Churchill with instructor Chan Martin
riding Breeze
The day started with some top demonstrations from the committee on how to groom including what brushes to use and how to safely put on a head collar and rug. The members paired up and were given a 30 minute grooming session to perfect and pretty up their ponies before riding later in the day showing off all the skills they have learnt. With four super groomed and turned out ponies, Chairperson Jenny Walker then gave two intriguing talks about feed and how to keep your horse or pony super healthy with a trip to the tack room to talk about all the equipment needed to ride!

The groups were then taken to have a 45 minute lesson with some excellent progress being shown by our weekly beginner rider's who are aiming to achieve their stages in the rainbow award scheme ran at Witham Villa. With some brilliant independent trot and walk work demonstrated by our new riders they all untacked independently and put some of the skills they acquired from the day to good use.

Amy Wright showing off her tack checking
skills with Suski

The team all got their hands dirty mucking out the ponies and haying them all in the afternoon, learning that having your own horse or pony is all about hard work in order to get all the rewards of riding. With the hard work all over and the day coming to a close, the rider's all went and had a well earned cup of tea before the award ceremony at the end of the day. The group were each given a certificate stating their completion of the horse care day with De Montfort as well as a red rosette to celebrate their hard work and development as equestrian enthusiasts!

This was a first for the committee who have never ran a horse care day before and judging by the smiles and satisfaction of the beginners who took part, it was a huge success. A special thanks as always to Witham Villa and the amazing staff including Chan Martin and Sarah Frisby who taught both groups on the day and are helping them on their way to becoming top riders.

Equestrian is a sport that has many highs and lows and requires a level of determination that cannot be taught simply through riding school tuition. It is the ability to be able to pick yourself up and carry on no matter what, without letting something as simple as falling off to get you down. Unlike most sports, Equestrian's rely upon a strong mental as well as physical capacity in order to help them progress as individuals. With high hopes for our beginner rider's DMU Equestrian is hoping to see them all progressing as much as possible with some potential team rider's for next year!

The successful team of the day with their well earned
certificates and rosettes.

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