Friday, 27 September 2013

Freshers Week!

So it begins... week one for DMU Equestrian back at De Montfort University and what a week it has been! 

This week has kicked off with the Freshers Fair at De Montfort outside the Students Union on Thursday the 26th of September with a very early start for all involved. With a record number of signups the day was extremely exciting and very promising for DMU Equestrian starting the year off in the best way anyone could've hoped for! 

Interest from students was very positive indeed, with everyone on campus talking about us and interested in finding out more about our amazing society and what we do. The most insightful part of the day was our society being approached by a drama lecturer who works alongside Arden RDA, who had heard about us on campus and has asked for our help in volunteering for Riding for the Disabled. This is an opportunity that we could only have dreamed for as being a small society, to be able to have such a positive impact upon the community within our sport is what DMU Equestrian is all about. 

We were joined this year by a new, up and coming society, DMU Polo Team, who also gained some promising interest at this years Fresher's fair and we look forward to working with them this year to boost the Equestrian sport profile at DMU even more. 

The day ended with DMU Equestrian heading out for the Bonkerz Bar Crawl and showing everyone how we work hard, and definitely play even harder! This week we begin our year with the Meet and Greet session on Monday 30th September at 7.30pm and our Taster session running on Wednesday 2nd October at Witham Villa Riding Centre. Until then, feel free to contact us and ask any questions you may have! 

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Left to Right
Gemma Elliott- Social Sec. Jenny Walker- Chairperson. Clare Wilyman- Treasurer and Kit Officer.
Gabbi Berrill- Secretary & Becky Shraga - Health and Safety.

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