Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Getting ready for the season.

Not long now until the season for 2013/2014 kicks off for De Montfort University and the committee are extremely excited to begin preparations for what promises to be, another fantastic year for Equestrian sport at DMU.

The new 2013 committee is to be chaired by Jenny Walker, a keen and committed rider who has rode for DMU's A team for the past 2 years with successful individual placings. Jenny prides herself on her dressage abilities and has her own cheeky mare 'Copy' who she has successfully competed with prior to coming to De Montfort. With her dedicated and developed equestrian background DMU couldn't ask for a better character to take over from last years golden lady Hannah Slinn who lead De Montfort into an extremely successful year in 2012/2013.The rest of the committee consists of myself, Clare Wilyman, Becky Shraga, Charlotte Scott and Gemma Elliott who are all thirsty for the season to begin with some top riding shown by all last year.

Current preparations are in place to gain some brilliant sponsors for next year, and exciting talk about our new kit and team training plans are all underway to make DMU Equestrian the ultimate experience for any new fresher coming to university.

So what does anyone who wants to ride for one of our teams need?
If you're looking to join our A, B or C team then you will be in for an absolute treat, a university riding programme unique to anything you will get to experience ever. BUCS does not require you to have your own pony/ horse as we travel to different yards in our league and ride their horses that are drawn from a hat for each individual rider. You have an allotted warm up time and then must perform a Prelim level dressage test, and then will draw again for the show jumping phase and warm up to then jump a course up to 90cm depending upon your team.
However, we like our riders to be more than just equestrian talented, the style of BUCS requires every individual to be dedicated to their team, hardworking, committed and up for a challenge. As many riders know, equestrian sport is one that has its ups and downs constantly but having a team behind you is really positive and makes riding at university very special indeed.
So if you are a keen rider, looking for a challenge, up for making some friends for life and pushing yourself in the equestrian world then trying out for one of our teams is an absolute must!

At DMU Equestrian we pride ourselves in our dedication to the sport, our respect and love for the animals we ride, and also our compassion for one another in every single way. Every single rider in DMU Equestrian is 100% supportive of everyone else and it is this network of support that allows us to all reach our individual goals and targets. Whether you want to jump a 1m course, master the working trot or simply get back in the saddle every step of the way DMU Equestrian riders, members and the team will be working behind you and towards a positive, successful future.

Remember to tweet us @DMUEquestrian with any queries you may have or simply your excitement to join us and like our Facebook page DMU Equestrian.


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