Monday, 20 January 2014

Is 2014 the year for university equestrian sport?

The start of 2014 has started in success for DMU Equestrian as they have been nominated into the top 10 finals for the global Equestrian Social Media Awards. This is an outstanding achievement for the society who are delighted to be a part of these prestigious awards and are voting and promoting, hoping to secure a win for their club.

The hard work that has been inputted by all the members of the society, competitive teams and committee is what has driven DMU Equestrian to the forefront of sport at De Montfort, and being a part of these awards is only helping to raise the profile of university equestrian sport even more. The positive impact of these awards has only motivated the team behind DMU Equestrian Society to get involved in more activities outside of their home yard including some volunteering for the local RDA Arden group. This is continuing the hard work the girls have done with their naked charity calendar raising an amazing amount of money with a complete sell out this year! Alongside their charitable work, the girls have are preparing to start building upon their training sessions by trying out some fitness but equestrian style, with brand new Equi-Pilates classes. These classes are designed to work specifically on pilates that benefits the core strength and muscles worked hardest within horse rider's and aimed to benefit balance, strength and muscle ratio. The society are helping to support local Equi- Pilates instructor and sports massage therapist, Sara Smith on her fight to get equestrian's fitter and fighting ready for those competitive seasons to begin.

What's next for DMU Equestrian?

Becky Shraga B Team Captain
B Team Captain, Becky Shraga tells us all about the next stage of the journey for DMU Equestrian and gives us an exclusive insight into why De Montfort Equestrian team is the club to join, and the pony place to be. 

What has been your favourite moment so far since the start of the 2013/2014 academic year?

Being made B team captain and leading a very strong team into our first competition on home turf, where everyone member of the team’s dressage and jumping results had improved dramatically from the start of the year at try outs. This made me feel very proud of my team and showed how hard work and commitment can really pay off.

What is the best thing about being on committee?

Working in a close-knit team, who also happen to by my best friends is the most rewarding part of being on committee. I loved planning and executing the fresher’s fair. All our hard work over the summer thoroughly paid off, signing up more members than the last two previous years, which for a developing club like ours, is a huge achievement we were all extremely proud of.

Describe your DMU Equestrian experience in three words.

Fun, Exciting, Love

What other experiences can DMU Equestrian offer members besides riding on a competitive team?

British Dressage, Riding schools competitions, Gymkhana, handy pony days, RDA training, socials and much more…

What new things are you planning to try out for 2014 as a club?

RDA training, friendly competitions between B and C team, British dressage, local show jumping…

How has DMU Equestrian made your university experience the best it can possibly be?

I’ve made friends that I will keep for life, increased my competitive streak, worked as a captain with my best friends, competed in British Dressage and formed a strong bond with one the horses who I plan to compete with on a regular basis.

What personal goals has DMU Equestrian helped you to achieve or overcome?

I will now happily will sit on any horse and take what it gives me, can now jump a 95cm show jumping course after breaking my back 5 years ago.

What has been your most memorable night out with the club?

Going on a joint social with hockey, dressed in my DMU riding colours and jodhpurs allowed us to bond with the other teams and have a really fun night out. 




  1. Well done in getting to the ESMA finals! Why not come and post your blog at a fellow finalist too at Haynet! Come and visit an equine blogging network. Good luck :)

  2. Thank you very much! Will certainly check it out. Good Luck to you too!