Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Glitz, Glamour and Gatsby- 2014 Annual Colours Sports Ball

The end of the year has come around faster than any of our equestrian's could've imagined, with tryouts and varsity seeming like they were just yesterday for our pony pals. The end of the year marks the annual Colours Awards Ball at De Montfort University, where all the sports teams gather together for an evening of ceremonious celebrations to acknowledge the sporting achievements of the year. DMU Equestrian were extremely excited to join the awards and were anticipating an eventful and enticing evening for all, with a hope to follow their success of winning 'Most Charitable Team' last year.

The ceremony was held at The Athena, in Leicester with the iconic 1920's theme of Great Gatsby, as the central basis for the evenings antics, with the interior of the building, and The Athena itself only adding to the feel of the evening ahead. The ball is an opportunity for teams to ditch their usual sporting ensemble of jodhpurs, football boots, netball dresses and swimming costumes, for a more elegant and sophisticated attire, with bow ties and ball gowns all round. The event is open to all members of the sporting teams, from weekly social members, to the BUCS league team competitors and is a chance for all the teams to get together and commemorate the individual and joint achievements of sport at De Montfort University for the academic year. The event was also a place that reunited some of DMU Equestrian's old girls who came back from their busy working lives on placement years to join the evening back with the girls from the club.

This year saw the biggest turnout ever for DMU Equestrian, with 3 tables filled with the fabulous ladies of the society, all dressed to impress and hoping for some successful awards from the evening. Unfortunately, the high level of competition and fantastic achievements from some of the other teams, meant the opportunity to follow on from last years successful streak was not meant to be for our dedicated equestrians. However, the girls had much to celebrate as they watched some of their other sporting teams gain some brilliant awards, with their very own celebrated DMU Hockey gaining their chairman, Matt Wooden 'Sports Personality of the Year', a supportive affiliate to the equestrian girls and committee from day one this year.

One of the winners of the evening
Zosia Grzywinska
The teams were allowed to nominate entries into the awards via an online ballot system, and also choose two members to gain an individual acknowledgment within their society. The awards for 'Outstanding Achievement' and 'Dedication and Commitment' in Equestrian went to Zosia Grzywinska and committee member, Charlotte Scott. Both have worked hard all year to achieve their own personal sporting goals, with dedication, both to the sport and to training. First year student, Zosia, has grown in leaps and bounds, and has gone from getting back into riding, to competing in her first ever show jumping competition on Witham Villa's Charm and gaining a 1st team place ribbon! A true example of how the club will support you, no matter what your ability is to achieve your own milestones. Charlotte Scott, member of the society for two years, gained her award due to her impressive display at this year's varsity match against Leicester University as she stepped up to the challenge of competing for the first time in a BUCS style match.

Despite not gaining an award for the club, the improvement of the society and their impact on the profile of equestrian sport at De Montfort can only be reflected in the brilliant turnout and fantastic achievements the girls have gained throughout the year. The lack of an award for 2013/2014 has only sought to drive next year's committee for success next year and they hope to gain more members, more rosettes and ultimately offer people joining the university the opportunity to try something unique and join their sporting family. With the society growing and developing more and more every year, the club hope to continue sharing their experience and keep the high level of motivation and dedication to sporting performance as high as they can at DMU.

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DMU Equestrian Team and Society 2013/2014

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