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Getting a grip with MacWet© Climatec Sports Gloves

MacWet Climatec Sporting Gloves

The MacWet© Climatec Sporting Gloves
As many equestrians know riding isn’t just about having skill, talent and training hard, in order to succeed in any equine discipline, the right equipment is essential. Whether you are aiming to dazzle in the dressage arena, galloping your way through cross country courses, or simply enjoying the school with your horse or pony, the best and most efficient gear is a necessity for anyone entering the equestrian world. One of the first things a rider will learn from the minute they get onto a horse is how to handle and correctly hold the reins, one of the most important aids every equestrian has to utilise, literally right at their fingertips. Through having many instructors, and competing across various disciplines, one attribute has always remained a constant teaching, which I have aimed to reciprocate in my riding. This is the ability to keep consistent contact, with firm, but soft hands that guide the horse pushing them to come through and work onto the bit in order to get them listening and responsive to the aids. A key aspect to gaining the best contact comes from one of the most useful, and essential pieces of riding equipment… gloves.

Finding the right gloves is a battle many riders have to face, with a huge number of criteria to fulfil. These include the gloves durability, waterproofing, thickness, how well they fit as well as the general overall look and style of the gloves themselves. MacWet© sporting gloves have latched onto this concept and have created gloves that combine all the key elements, deemed essential to a multipurpose, and durable sporting glove. Using the latest technology, MacWet© have developed a glove that can be used in both wet and dry weather, never losing it’s grip or performance, with a range of sizes for a comfortable fit that enhances control and touch sensitivity. Retailing at £29.99 for the Climatec Sporting gloves, the gloves are a reasonably priced addition to any rider looking for a glove for every discipline that adapts to every type of weather. 

Having recently graduated from university, and heading home for summer, my drive to get back into the saddle after competing with De Montfort University and in the BUCS team was higher than ever. I decided to get back into the school and do some hacking to set me off for the season back at my local yard. After some hard training and a rather adventurous hack, I found the MacWet© gloves performance rather different from any gloves I have tried before. The fabric was light and flexible and was great for dressage schooling, as I never got sweaty or irritated hands. Incorporated into my schooling routine, I always like to make time for my true passion, show jumping. The lightweight and comfortable fit of the MacWet© gloves were brilliant at keeping my contact nice and supple, with the size fitting perfectly to allow me to have a supportive gripping glove to ride in. With the weather taking a turn for the better, the sunny country fields were the perfect opportunity to take a well-earned hack. The gloves ability and great feel didn’t alter an inch when I went out, and I even managed a successful gallop in the sunshine.

Overall, I was extremely pleased with the product and would recommend these gloves for anyone, in any equestrian discipline. The sizing allows for a precise measurement that fits, allowing for the best performance possible in any weather. The unique and top performance of these gloves hasn’t gone unnoticed, with top equine celebrities such as Royal beauty Zara Phillips who gripped on with MacWet at the London 2012 Olympics and top international British show jumper, Ben Maher all getting their hands on a pair. With a wide range of sizes, colours and styles, I would suggest that anyone who wants a great glove, for a great price to invest in these smart, stylish and multipurpose MacWet Climatec sporting gloves for an enjoyable equestrian experience.

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MacWet £29.99 Climatec Sporting Gloves

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