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Head in the game- Just Togs Mizz Switch Riding Hat

With my University life coming to a closure, and becoming a recent graduate, the face of my DMU Equestrian Blog site is going to undergo some changes in the near future alternating to GBerrillEquestrian! However, the product reviews and developments through my own equestrian career, as well as following the fabulous work of local riders and the equine community in my home town will remain the same! As I have made the move to go freelance and continue writing, my equestrian pathway is full of lots of exciting new developments to come, these feature some equine product reviews coming soon from some brilliant companies and their brands including;

GBerrillEquestrian's brand new product testing assistant,
the wonderful Image, a 16.2hh, Ex-Eventer, Liver Chestnut
  • Just Togs Mizz Switch Riding Hat 
  • Carr & Day & Martin Horse Treatments
  • Various Fly Veils, to stop the summer pests!
  • Silver Feet Range Hoof Balm

And that isn't all... as I have recently managed to find myself two wonderful horses to school as a result of joining my local Riding for the Disabled Group, after being inspired by all the charity work I got involved with through DMU Equestrian, I will be using the lovely Gelding, Image to help me test to out different schooling techniques and equipment to help you get the most from your horse or pony.
So keep your eyes open and on my blog, and keep reading and sharing, I wouldn't be where I am today without the fantastic University support from DMU Equestrian and hope to continue my equestrian career, embracing DMU Equestrian wherever I go!

So I am ready to launch my own platform through DMU Equestrian, GBerrillEquestrian, I hope you enjoy my latest product review featured below!

Just Togs Mizz Switch Riding Hat Product Review

Although every rider is different, we all compete in different disciplines, school differently and have alternative aims and goals for our riding, one piece of equipment is always on top.... our Riding Hats. Having a good riding hat is vital for every single equestrian, whether a complete novice or British Eventer, we all need to be safe and enjoy riding comfortably with the best gear possible. Riding Hats today are more varied than ever, with the classic Jockey Skull and Peaked Hats being the most popular choice for the everyday rider on the market today. Brands have revolutionised the way equestrian's view hats, making them more stylish and in a variety of colours and shapes to suit everyone out in todays competitive market. As every hat is different, sometimes you cannot always get the brand you like as it may not fit correctly, so hat shopping can be a bit of a nightmare and is, by no means, a five second decision, but one that takes time and expertise to get the best hat, for the best price.

With my own hat due for an upgrade, I had always been a fan of the Classic Jockey Skull, with its versatility as I was able to add colourful silks for cross country and hacking, and the more pristine velvet silk to compete in BD. However, I made the decision to move to a fixed peak, not knowing where to start I went to a few local tack shops and soon found out that some of the more popular brands, such as the Competition Champion Ventair did not fit my head correctly and were not going to be a safe option to choose, with the Charles Owen Ayr8 being the next best choice, but again was retailing at a much higher price than I was looking to pay for general riding at £148.99.

The JTE Mizz Switch Hat, with interchangeable
colour dials, retailing at around £59
After some web research I came across the Just Togs Mizz Switch, advertised as a young rider hat, but coming in a variety of sizes from 52cm-61cm. This hat has the classic fixed peak and ventilated front strip, as well as vents on the back and sides for extra aeration inside the hat whilst riding. It comes in a black velveteen finish, perfect for smart showing and ease when cleaning. This hat meets the highest of safety standards with the BSI Kitemark and is approved by the British Pony Club, as well as being endorsed and featured in Pony Magazine. The unique and fun feature of this hat, is the interchangeable front vent dial, with six colour strips from plain grey and black, to funky pink and shiny blue that are easy to swop around depending on the type of riding you are doing. This custom feature is brilliant for both young and older riders as it allows you to create your own look and match your colour strip to your outfit to look extra coordinated whilst in the saddle. When trying out this hat, the feather lightweight feel was surprising, especially as the hat had a lot of padding and protection inside, including a removable strip you can take out and wash after those more sweaty schooling sessions. The 'cool on' ventilation system allows for a continuous flow of air through the hat whilst riding, aiming to reduce sweating and to do away with any moisture whilst keeping the fabric dry. The adjustable chin strap was easy to alter and the most ingenious and unique feature of this hat in particular is the adjustable size dial on the back. This allows the hat to vary from 3 sizes, the Medium being from a 55cm-57cm, allowing you to get the most secure fit possible by altering the tightness of the dial. As I am between sizes, this was perfect for my head, and the hat was secure without being too tight and was extremely comfortable whilst riding as it did not move around at the front whilst schooling and jumping. The quality, style and durability of this hat is outstanding considering it is extremely reasonably priced, retailing at around £59 on  If you are a young, female rider, looking for a stylish, safe and saving savvy hat, then the Mizz Switch JTE is defiantly worth a try if you are looking for a classic fixed peak at a bargain price with a little something extra...


  • Remember to always go to a professional tack store and hat fitter who has attended a BETA hat fitting course to get measured correctly.
  • Make sure the hat has the safety BSI Kitemark usually found on the inside of the hat as a British Safety Standard mark.
  • If you are unsure about buying online, always go direct to the retailer or reputable online tack shops.
  • Remember, finding the right hat takes time, you are better off waiting and searching, than getting one that doesn't fit properly.
  • NEVER buy second hand, it may look alright from the outside, but the damage on the inside cannot always be seen, you only get one head, being cheap won't pay off.
  • Decide on a style you like and a budget, hats vary from around £20 for very basic, to £200+ for competition hats and more designer brands, be realistic about what you need your hat for.
  • ALWAYS go for a brand that is trusted and reputable, if you aren't sure, don't buy!

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