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Carr & Day & Martin- Coat Care Product Review

Carr & Day & Martin's unique new spray formulas
Everyone knows that the key to a good coat starts with good care. When it comes to horses, looking after their coat, hooves, mane and tail is of vital importance to ensure you can have the healthiest, happiest horse possible. Getting your horse or pony to look top quality for an up and coming show can be a long and stressful process, ensuring they look a star both in and out of the ring. Finding a quick and easy solution to getting a well groomed horse is something Carr & Day & Martin have found a solution for. One of the most reputable and oldest companies providing top quality horse care products dating back to 1765, Carr & Day & Martin have produced an innovative and unique new set of products to get your horse in the best condition possible, for the best value.

Constant brushing, pulling and grooming of your horses coat  without the use of products can leave a coat feeling dull and lifeless with a potential for thinning. Using a quality coat spray and mane and tail conditioner is one way to ensure this doesn't happen and your horse can look best in show at all times, whether out competing or simply on the yard.

The two products I have been lucky enough to put to the test are Carr & Day & Martin's Dreamcoat Ultimate Coat Finish© and their Canter Mane and Tail© both in unique spray formula with 360 degree mist action, leaving the ultimate shine and finish to your horse or pony.

Dreamcoat Ultimate Coat Finish© 

The Dreamcoat Ultimate Coat Finish© spray comes in a handy bottle formula in either 600ml or 1 litre sizes. On testing the product on some very different horses with varying coats, the formula gave a naturally shiny finish, leaving no grease or residue. The lack of grease or slipperiness makes it an ideal product to take to shows and can be used on the saddle area, without the worry of having any slipping or marks left on numnahs. Even after using the lotion, plaiting was not a problem as the formula detangled the hair and did not leave it too sticky to work with. The unique dispenser with it's 360 degree 'Equimist' spray made it extremely easy to use at all angles, getting at those tricky places such as areas under the belly and the lower legs. The spray is continuous, making it very simple to use and effective at getting even coverage where required, the spray did not drip when it was stopped or in flow, meaning less waste and uninterrupted coverage whilst spraying.

The spray dried extremely quickly making it a quick and easy solution when you are in a hurry to get your horse or pony looking top notch, without having to wait or use multiple products to get a show quality finish. With a clean and fresh smell, Dreamcoat offered an excellent finish without being too overpowering like many sprays, that can cause irritation to some horses. The spray was also effective as it did not make any scary noises or sounds that would frighten a younger or more green horse who are more sensitive during activities such as grooming. The bottle has a specially designed vacuum at the bottom to ensure no waste and you get the most out of every spray. The overall finish on all the horses tested was extremely pleasing, an easy to use, effective product that gave an effortless result in just minutes. Retailing at around £12.99, this product is certainly value for money, with two sizes available, perfect for having at home on the yard or as a travel solution when heading out to shows.

Canter Mane and Tail©

Another product that is equally as useful at controlling those pesky mane's and tail's is none other than Carr & Day & Martin's popular Canter Mane and Tail , now available in a unique 360 degree spray bottle formula.

This is a product I have used previously and have always been pleased with the results, but the new bottle makes it a top market leader for sleek, tangle free and silky soft mane and tail after every use. The spray is light and does not need to be used liberally as a small amount gives a lot of work, with an effective detangle that gets rid of any knots at the stroke of a brush. This makes grooming quicker, more effective and easier reducing the amount of stress and pressure needed on the horse in order to get out any particularly bad tangles. This reduces any breakages in the hair and left all my horses and ponies, silky smooth in a matter of seconds after spraying as the formula works quickly and does not leave any grease or oil.

The spray is best used on the mane when lighting spraying over the whole section and then using a comb or brush to work through. On the tail, hold the tail away from the horses body and section to get the best results spraying as required, then repeating the procedure above by combing or brushing through.

Retailing at a similar price to Dreamcoat© at around £12.50 in a 600ml measure bottle, this product will leave your horse looking immaculate, without leaving your pockets empty.

So if you want to look best in show, at the yard and at home, without using hundreds of products, Dreamcoat© and Canter Mane and Tail© offer the best of both worlds for a stress free grooming session every time.
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  1. I've use the Canter Mane and Tail for years and absolutely love it!
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